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Website Hosting & Domains

Website Hosting and Domains

Your website needs a home

For visitors to find your website on the vast web you will need an address, a domain name is like a postcode for your website. The files that make the website what it is, need a place to be stored and loaded from, web hosting allows your users to access those files from your website domain to view your on their computer, mobile device and browser.

Server Rack

Domain names

A domain name should shout and express your business name to the world, easy to remember and relevant to you and your industry or interest.
If you’re looking for a name for yourself, Cascade Media can help you find a domain name suitable for your business, ensuring you can be discovered by those looking for you and your services.
If you already have an established name online and looking to re-image yourself, you may be interested in getting your website re-designed.


Website hosting provies storage space where the files of the website reside, when your website domain is visited, these files are accessed and loaded for the visitor to see on their device.

SSL Certificates

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates are a must when handling secure information such as login credentials, credit card and other sensitive information, SSL certificates offer a layer of protection between the web server and web browser, keeping your users and data secure and helps build trust with your customers.